How to Get Syslog and Ethernet Packets from Grandstream Devices

Description If you are new to telephony networking and troubleshooting, this guide shows you step-by-step setup and configuring the parameters to capture the packets locally in Grandstream devices. When we run into telephony issues (for eg. no audio, BLF keys are not working, unable to make calls, etc), in order to have the Support and … Read more

Debugging logs required for Grandstream GWN76XX Access Point Issues

Debugging logs required for Grandstream GWN Access Point Issues

Description This article describes the required information to capture for various issues in Grandstream GWN76XX access points before submitting a helpdesk ticket. This helps the product support and development teams to understand and resolve the issue more quickly and efficiently. 1. Description of the issue (required) Clearly describe the issue you are facing with the … Read more

Syslog Server and Packet Capture Settings in Grandstream models

Maintenance Syslog Server Configuration page in Grandstream Devices

Description Syslog is a powerful tool for monitoring and troubleshooting network and system issues. This article describes the Syslog and Packet Capture settings of different Grandstream models. IP Voice Telephony GXP16XX,GXP17XX & GXP21XX GRP260X GRP261X WP810 Click here to find out more on how to use internal Syslog capture in WP810. DP75X/DP72X Facility Management GDS3710 … Read more

Maximum Speed Dial keys supported in Grandstream GXV33XX and GXV34XX series

What is Maximum number of Speed Dials in Grandstream GXV Video Phone series

Description Speed dial is a feature found on many telephones that allows users to quickly dial a pre-selected phone number by pressing a single button or a combination of buttons. This saves time and eliminates the need to manually dial long or complex phone numbers every time they need to be called. This article describes … Read more

Push-to-talk feature in Grandstream Wireless Phone WP8XX series

Grandstream Wireless phone WP8XX series Push to Talk feature

Description Push-to-talk (PTT) is a feature found on some communication devices, such as two-way radios and walkie-talkies, that requires the user to press a button in order to transmit their voice. It is often used in situations where multiple people may be sharing the same communication channel and it is important to prevent accidental transmissions … Read more

Grandstream Access Points GWN76XX Firmware Upgrade via DHCP Option 43

Grandstream Access Point Firmware Upgrade via DHCP Option 43

Description DHCP option 43 is a vendor-specific option that can be used to provide configuration information to DHCP clients. It can be used to provide the DHCP clients with the server’s IP address that hosts the firmware files. When the clients receive this information, they can initiate a TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) session to … Read more

Grandstream Switch GWN780X(P) Auto Voice VLAN with LLDP

Auto Voice VLAN in Grandstream GWN780X switches

Description Auto Voice VLAN is a feature in network switches that automatically assigns a separate VLAN to voice traffic on the network. It allows voice traffic to be prioritized and managed separately from data traffic, ensuring high-quality voice communication. When an IP Phone is connected to a switch port that has Auto Voice VLAN enabled, … Read more

Grandstream IP PBX UCM’s Common Issues with SIP Trunks in India

Grandstream IP PBX UCM's Common Issues with SIP Trunks in India

Description In India, there are several telecom service providers that offer SIP trunking services to businesses and organizations. This article describes call establishment issues with Grandstream IP PBX UCM and SIP Trunks in India and suggested settings to resolve them. Case 1: Call drop due to 422 Session Interval too Small (BSNL) Figure 1: UCM’s … Read more