How to Get Syslog and Ethernet Packets from Grandstream Devices

Description If you are new to telephony networking and troubleshooting, this guide shows you step-by-step setup and configuring the parameters to capture the packets locally in Grandstream devices. When we run into telephony issues (for eg. no audio, BLF keys are not working, unable to make calls, etc), in order to have the Support and … Read more

Grandstream Meshed APs – DHCP or Fixed/Static IPs

Grandstream Meshed Access Points

Description This article describes the behavior of whether the Grandstream GWN76XX meshed access points (Range Extender RE) are set in DHCP mode or Static IPs. When the REs are configured with Static IPs, it is expected that they will go offline and cannot be discovered even if the LEDs are solid blue. It is advised … Read more

Grandstream Routers GWN70XX series Specifications

Grandstream GWN70XX routers

Description This article describes the product specifications of Grandstream routers GWN70XX series. VLANs Model Max. no of VLANs GWN7001/2 16 GWN7003 32 GWN7062 16 GWN7052(F) 8 The more VLANs, the more bandwidth usage. When the hardware acceleration is turned off, the forwarding bandwidth between VLANs and VLANs will be limited to 250-400Mbps (GWN7002/3). It is … Read more

Grandstream GWN78XX Inter-VLAN and Static Routes

Grandstream GWN78XX - InterVLAN and Static Routes

Description VLANs require a router or Layer 3 device for inter-VLAN communication, while a Layer 3 switch can perform routing between VLANs internally, eliminating the need for an external router. This guide describes the steps on how to create static routes in Grandstream Wi-Fi router GWN7062 and Layer 3 managed network switch GWN781x series. In … Read more

Unable to call out External Numbers in Scheduled Meeting in Grandstream IP PBX

Invite External Numbers in Schedules Meeting

Issue Grandstream IP PBX UCM does not call the invitees with external numbers, but it works with extensions during the scheduled meeting. How to UCM calls out using the Meeting Room Number during the scheduled meeting. Make sure that you enter the _x. or _meeting_room_number under Outbound Routes > Source Caller ID Pattern

How to deny access from IP phones to PCs via ACL in Grandstream GWN78XX switch

ACL Grandstream GWN78XX switches

Description This article describes the steps to configure ACL to block access from IP Phones to PCs in the Grandstream GWN78XX switch. Network Diagram VLAN 20 for IP Phones: 192.168.20.xVLAN 10 for PCs: 192.168.2.x How-to 3. Configure another rule to Allow any Source IP to any Destination IP Figure 3 shows 2 rules under the … Read more

Configure DNAT to access the local printer in Grandstream GWN70XX router

Configure DNAT to access local printer in Grandstream GWN router

Description Destination NAT or DNAT, changes the destination address in the IP header of a packet and the destination port in the TCP/UDP headers. It is used to redirect incoming packets with a public address/port to a private IP address/port in your network. Configuration steps: Note Port forwarding rules must be removed (not disabled) in the router. Otherwise, it … Read more

Grandstream UCM Remote Connect (UCMRC) Strict RTP causes no audio between IP Phones

Strict RTP Grandstream UCMRC Remote Connect

Scenario There is no audio issue in the calls between IP Phones using UCMRC. However, audio works when the call is established between the Wave app and the IP Phone with the same registered extension. Solution The “Strict RTP” option cannot be enabled while using the remote domain address of UCMRC services. When using the … Read more

Configure Remote PMS Wakeup Call in Grandstream IP PBX UC

Grandstream UCM on how to Configure Remote PMS Wakeup Call

Description A wake-up call refers to a service provided by hotels or accommodations to wake up guests at a specific time as per their request. It is a feature commonly found in hospitality management software or PMS (Property Management System) platforms. Wake-up calls are often used by guests who have early morning commitments or need … Read more

Configure site-to-site IPSec VPN in Grandstream Router GWN700X behind NAT (SonicWall)

site-to-site IPSec in Grandstream Router GWN700X behind NAT (SonicWall)

Description This article describes the site-to-site IPSec configurations in Grandstream router GWN700x series when it is behind NAT (SonicWall). How It Works IPSec needs to check the Peer’s ID during authentication. The Grandstream router GWN700x uses the IP address of the WAN port as the IKE ID (Local ID/Remote ID) by default. If the router … Read more

Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X does not disconnect calls

Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X does not disconnect calls

Description This article describes the call disconnection issue in Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X and the steps to capture the logs for troubleshooting. Most of the time, we have seen that FXO Gateway does not detect busy tones correctly causing the calls to hang up. Case 1 :If there are no busy tones heard over the … Read more