Call Fails with 403 Forbidden (Invalid domain in From header) Error

403 Forbidden - feature image


We have configured the HA feature with two UCM630X successfully. We also configure a SIP Peer trunk with an Avaya PBX. However, when the phones are registered with HA Cluster IP address, the outbound calls fail with an error: The call is rejected by the server. The outbound call works if the phones are registered with Primary UCM A Local IP address or Peer IP.


Primary UCM A: 
Secondary UCM B: 
HA Cluster IP: 

Analysis & Troubleshooting

From the UCM’s packet capture, it is found that the Avaya CM sends 403 Forbidden (Invalid domain in From header) to UCM when the call is made

Figure 1: 403 Forbidden (Invalid domain in From: header) error

Primary UCM A sends INVITE with From header <sip:10101@>

To resolve this error, navigate to UCM A > VOIP Peer Trunk Setting > From Domain > enter HA Cluster IP (for eg. in this case).