Understanding Call Waiting Flow in Grandstream IP Phones


The Call Waiting feature allows the users to answer another call while they are already on an active call.


The Call Waiting feature can be configured at the IP Phones.

Go to Settings > Call Features

  • Disable Call-Waiting

During an active call and you receive a second call, the second caller will get a busy message ‘The person on ext. is on the phone, please call again or leave a message” indicating that the line is in use when Disable Call Waiting is set to ‘Yes‘.

  • Disable Call-Waiting Tone

When the person is on a call and receives a second call at the same time, if he does not want to hear a ‘beep’ tone, he can set ‘Disable Call-Waiting Tone” to Yes.

The second call message will be displayed on the LCD as Disable Call-Waiting is set to ‘No’.

Call Flow

The figure below shows the call flow when a phone receives a second call, assuming the ‘Call Waiting option is enabled.