Syslog Server and Packet Capture Settings in Grandstream models

Maintenance Syslog Server Configuration page in Grandstream Devices

Description Syslog is a powerful tool for monitoring and troubleshooting network and system issues. This article describes the Syslog and Packet Capture settings of different Grandstream models. IP Voice Telephony GXP16XX,GXP17XX & GXP21XX GRP260X GRP261X WP810 Click here to find out more on how to use internal Syslog capture in WP810. DP75X/DP72X Facility Management GDS3710 … Read more

How to use Security Certificates on IP Phones – Grandstream GXP16XX/17XX/21XX

CA SSL Grandstream IP Phones

Description Upgrading the product to the latest firmware version allows the expiration date of Grandstream authorized certificates to be adjusted automatically. Even with the certificate expired, the communication between the phones and clients might not be secure or fully encrypted but the device will still function as normal. Downloads GEN 1 (SHA256) GEN 2 (SHA384)

How to Configure TFTPd as Syslog Utility Tool (Windows)

Configure Syslog server in Grandstream devices using TFTPD

Description Many users find it difficult to capture the Syslog from the phone or gateway devices when the issues are intermittent and difficult to replicate. Hence, you can install an external Syslog server on your machines that allow you to store and capture the phone’s Syslog the whole day. Requirements a. Windows b. Connect the … Read more

What is the difference between Grandstream GVC3220 (US) and GVC3220 (World)?

What is the difference between Grandstream GVC3220 (US) and GVC3220 (World)?

Description This article describes the difference between Grandstream GVC3220 (US) and GVC3220 (World). The Wi-Fi channels are different between GVC3220 (US) and GVC3220 (World) models. Some Wi-Fi channels in the US conflict with the Radar channels, and they cannot be used in the US region. GVC3220 (US) can only use the Wi-Fi channels below:2.4G: 1 … Read more

GRP26XX LDAP Phonebook with Bicom Systems

GRP26XX LDAP Phonebook with Bicom Systems

Description This article describes the configuration parameters in the GRP26XX series’s LDAP phonebook with Bicom Systems. How to The parameters below are required when configuring LDAP Phonebook: Server Address Port Base Username Password LDAP Number Filter LDAP Name Filter LDAP Name Attributes LDAP Number Attributes LDAP Display Name

Grandstream GRP260X: Does IP Call need a SIP account?

Grandstream GRP260X direct IP Calls

Description This article describes how IP calls work in Grandstream GRP260X. According to the developers, a SIP account is required to register onto phones in order to run the SIP stack for the IP calls. The receiving endpoints need to disable the Use Random Ports option. The default SIP Port for IP calls is 5060. … Read more

Compatibility between Zoom App and Grandstream GVC3200 and GVC3202

Grandstream GVC320X and Zoom Compatibility

Description This article describes the compatibility between Zoom app and GVC3200 and GVC3202. Grandstream has not done any official interoperability tests between the Zoom app and GVC320X video conferencing devices. GVC320X is running on Android 4.4.2 while the Zoom app requires Android 5.0 and above. Although you are able to install the Zoom application onto … Read more

How to Get Syslog and Ethernet Packets from Grandstream Devices

Description If you are new to telephony networking and troubleshooting, this guide shows you step-by-step setup and configuring the parameters to capture the packets locally in Grandstream devices. When we run into telephony issues (for eg. no audio, BLF keys are not working, unable to make calls, etc), in order to have the Support and … Read more

FAQs on Grandstream Video Conferencing GVC3220 and GMD1208

Description This page describes the common questions or issues regarding the Grandstream Video Conferencing product GVC3220 and extension microphone GMD1208. We will be updating the contents from time to time. Questions 1. Does GVC3220 work in China? We understand that SIP will work, but what about IPVT and other third-party web-based applications such as Zoom, … Read more

Grandstream FXS Gateway ATA Port Limitations – Short/Long Haul Ring Load

Frequently Asked Questions What is the maximum number of devices that can daisy chain out of single FXS port on a Grandstream ATA? It depends on the REN usage. For example, the HT801 supports up to 5 REN, so if an analog phone uses 2 REN, then you can connect up to 2 phones with HT801. Usually, analog phones … Read more