Debugging logs required for Grandstream GWN76XX Access Point Issues

Debugging logs required for Grandstream GWN Access Point Issues

Description This article describes the required information to capture for various issues in Grandstream GWN76XX access points before submitting a helpdesk ticket. This helps the product support and development teams to understand and resolve the issue more quickly and efficiently. 1. Description of the issue (required) Clearly describe the issue you are facing with the … Read more

Speed Test and Band Utilization in Grandstream GWN76XX Access Points

Run Speed Test with Grandstream Access Point

Description Running speed tests with access points is important to find out the download and upload speed of the wireless network. It helps to evaluate and optimize the placement or position of the access point and ensure that the wireless network is able to provide adequate coverage and performance. This article describes simple methods for … Read more

Common Issues and Troubleshooting with GWN76XX Access Points

Grandstream Access Point position

Description This guide summarises the common issue and troubleshooting methods listed in the official guide. Issue Troubleshooting Weak Signal 1. Increase APs for better coverage2. Increase Radio Power3. Lower Channel Bandwidth (20MHz)4. Stay close with the AP, get RSSI < 40dBm, and do the speed test.5. Select 2.4GHz as it penetrates through hard objects better … Read more