Grandstream GWN78XX Inter-VLAN and Static Routes

Grandstream GWN78XX - InterVLAN and Static Routes

Description VLANs require a router or Layer 3 device for inter-VLAN communication, while a Layer 3 switch can perform routing between VLANs internally, eliminating the need for an external router. This guide describes the steps on how to create static routes in Grandstream Wi-Fi router GWN7062 and Layer 3 managed network switch GWN781x series. In … Read more

How to deny access from IP phones to PCs via ACL in Grandstream GWN78XX switch

ACL Grandstream GWN78XX switches

Description This article describes the steps to configure ACL to block access from IP Phones to PCs in the Grandstream GWN78XX switch. Network Diagram VLAN 20 for IP Phones: 192.168.20.xVLAN 10 for PCs: 192.168.2.x How-to 3. Configure another rule to Allow any Source IP to any Destination IP Figure 3 shows 2 rules under the … Read more

Steps to upload bix firmware to GWN78XX switches via U-Boot

Grandstream GWN7806P firmware upgrade via U-Boot

Description Local or network upgrades may fail if the Grandstream GWN7806P and GWN781X network switches have not updated their U-Boot and CFG. This issue usually happens in devices loaded with earlier versions when the firmware file size is more than 13 MB. The guide below describes the steps to load bix firmware file to the … Read more

Grandstream Switch GWN780X(P) Auto Voice VLAN with LLDP

Auto Voice VLAN in Grandstream GWN780X switches

Description Auto Voice VLAN is a feature in network switches that automatically assigns a separate VLAN to voice traffic on the network. It allows voice traffic to be prioritized and managed separately from data traffic, ensuring high-quality voice communication. When an IP Phone is connected to a switch port that has Auto Voice VLAN enabled, … Read more