Grandstream GWN78XX Inter-VLAN and Static Routes

Grandstream GWN78XX - InterVLAN and Static Routes

Description VLANs require a router or Layer 3 device for inter-VLAN communication, while a Layer 3 switch can perform routing between VLANs internally, eliminating the need for an external router. This guide describes the steps on how to create static routes in Grandstream Wi-Fi router GWN7062 and Layer 3 managed network switch GWN781x series. In … Read more

Grandstream Switch GWN780X(P) Auto Voice VLAN with LLDP

Auto Voice VLAN in Grandstream GWN780X switches

Description Auto Voice VLAN is a feature in network switches that automatically assigns a separate VLAN to voice traffic on the network. It allows voice traffic to be prioritized and managed separately from data traffic, ensuring high-quality voice communication. When an IP Phone is connected to a switch port that has Auto Voice VLAN enabled, … Read more