Unable to call out External Numbers in Scheduled Meeting in Grandstream IP PBX

Invite External Numbers in Schedules Meeting

Issue Grandstream IP PBX UCM does not call the invitees with external numbers, but it works with extensions during the scheduled meeting. How to UCM calls out using the Meeting Room Number during the scheduled meeting. Make sure that you enter the _x. or _meeting_room_number under Outbound Routes > Source Caller ID Pattern

Grandstream UCM Remote Connect (UCMRC) Strict RTP causes no audio between IP Phones

Strict RTP Grandstream UCMRC Remote Connect

Scenario There is no audio issue in the calls between IP Phones using UCMRC. However, audio works when the call is established between the Wave app and the IP Phone with the same registered extension. Solution The “Strict RTP” option cannot be enabled while using the remote domain address of UCMRC services. When using the … Read more

Configure Remote PMS Wakeup Call in Grandstream IP PBX UC

Grandstream UCM on how to Configure Remote PMS Wakeup Call

Description A wake-up call refers to a service provided by hotels or accommodations to wake up guests at a specific time as per their request. It is a feature commonly found in hospitality management software or PMS (Property Management System) platforms. Wake-up calls are often used by guests who have early morning commitments or need … Read more

Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X does not disconnect calls

Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X does not disconnect calls

Description This article describes the call disconnection issue in Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X and the steps to capture the logs for troubleshooting. Most of the time, we have seen that FXO Gateway does not detect busy tones correctly causing the calls to hang up. Case 1 :If there are no busy tones heard over the … Read more

Grandstream Wave iOS Crash Application Log

Description Grandstream Wave is a softphone application that allows users to make and receive phone calls over the internet using a computer, smartphone, and web browsers. This article describes the troubleshooting steps when the application crashes on iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads). 1. Go to iPhone > Settings > Wave > Disable Contacts. … Read more

HA Configuration Network Topology in Grandstream IP PBX UCM

Network Topology HA in switch mode Grandstream IP PBX UCM

Description Starting 1.0.23.x, Grandstream IP PBX UCM supports High Availability (HA) in Route mode. This article describes an example network diagram of HA in Route and Switch mode. HA in Route Mode The full user guide can be found under HA Configuration Using “Route” Mode section. The steps describe the topology below: HA in Switch … Read more

Power Consumption of Grandstream SIP Speaker GSC3516

Power Consumption of Grandstream SIP Speaker GSC3516

Description The Grandstream SIP Speaker GSC3516 is a SIP/Multicast Talk-Back Speaker that offers 2-way voice functionality with both a high-fidelity 15W HD speaker and 3 directional microphones and 1 omnidirectional auxiliary microphone that offers a 4.2-meter pickup distance. This article describes the maximum power of GSC3516 as 13.59W(48V DC), and the average power is 4.2W. This … Read more

Buzzing sounds on Grandstream ATA HT8XX series

Buzzing sounds on Grandstream ATA HT8XX

Description If you face a buzzing sound issue when answering calls with a Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter HT8XX series, here are the steps to work around the issue: How to The FXS port of the HT8XX ATA does not detect the OFF-HOOK action and stops the ringing. Here are some undocumented P values that may … Read more

Slowness issue in Grandstream IP Phone GRP261x series

Description Slowness in IP phones can be attributed to various factors. This article suggests the troubleshooting steps to address slowness and sluggish issues in Grandstream GRP2612 or GRP2613 IP Phones: 1. Disable CPE (TR-069) under System Settings 2. Disable ‘Send SIP Logs’ and ‘Auto Recovery from Abnormality’ under Maintenance > System Diagnostics > Syslog 3. … Read more

Understanding the Certificates Security Settings in Grandstream IP Phones GRP261x series

Understanding Security Settings in Grandstream IP Phones GRP261X

Description This article briefly describes the Security Settings parameter in Grandstream IP Phones GRP261x series. It is important for debugging when the phones are registered via TLS/SSL. ‘Validate Server Certificates’ is mainly used for Web Interface or SSH access. ‘Check Domain Certificates’ is to check a domain using the Trusted Domain Name List. ‘SSLKeyLogFile’ is … Read more