Failed to import and upload device configuration in Grandstream Analog Gateway GXW42XX series

Grandstream FXS GXW42XX Gateway Failed to Upload Device Config

Description This article describes the issue of uploading the device’s XML config file to Grandstream Analog Gateway GXW42XX. When exporting and importing the XML config from one gateway to another, you may experience an error ‘Failed. Please try again.’ Workaround To solve this, remove <mac>xxx</mac> from the XML Config and re-upload it to the new … Read more

Grandstream ATA HT8XX Hunting Group and Request URI Routing ID

Grandstream ATA Analog Adaptor HT8XX Hunting Group

Description This article describes the designed behavior of hunting behavior in the Grandstream analog adaptor (ATA) HT8XX series. There are 2 Hunting Group types, “Linear” or “Circular” under the Profile page. The default type is Circular. The circular style will distribute the calls “round-robin”. If a call is assigned to line 1, the next call … Read more

Understanding the connection establishment issue between Grandstream GXW450x and IP PBX


Description GXW4501 is a digital VoIP gateway designed to connect digital T1/E1/PRI lines to an IP network, allowing businesses to take benefit of VoIP technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency. This article describes the connection issue between the gateway and IP PBX. Scenario GXW4501 is connected with a traditional PBX via the E1 port … Read more

Grandstream ATA HT8XX in Bridge Mode

Bridge mode ATA Grandstream-2

Description This article describes the behavior when Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is set in Bridge mode. When the ATA HT8XX series is configured in Bridge mode, the devices connected to its LAN port will behave similarly to any devices connected to a switch; they will obtain the IP addresses from the DHCP server and … Read more