Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X does not disconnect calls

Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X does not disconnect calls

Description This article describes the call disconnection issue in Grandstream FXO Gateway GXW410X and the steps to capture the logs for troubleshooting. Most of the time, we have seen that FXO Gateway does not detect busy tones correctly causing the calls to hang up. Case 1 :If there are no busy tones heard over the … Read more

Buzzing sounds on Grandstream ATA HT8XX series

Buzzing sounds on Grandstream ATA HT8XX

Description If you face a buzzing sound issue when answering calls with a Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter HT8XX series, here are the steps to work around the issue: How to The FXS port of the HT8XX ATA does not detect the OFF-HOOK action and stops the ringing. Here are some undocumented P values that may … Read more

Understanding the connection establishment issue between Grandstream GXW450x and IP PBX


Description GXW4501 is a digital VoIP gateway designed to connect digital T1/E1/PRI lines to an IP network, allowing businesses to take benefit of VoIP technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency. This article describes the connection issue between the gateway and IP PBX. Scenario GXW4501 is connected with a traditional PBX via the E1 port … Read more

Grandstream ATA HT8XX in Bridge Mode

Bridge mode ATA Grandstream-2

Description This article describes the behavior when Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is set in Bridge mode. When the ATA HT8XX series is configured in Bridge mode, the devices connected to its LAN port will behave similarly to any devices connected to a switch; they will obtain the IP addresses from the DHCP server and … Read more

Recommended Fax Settings for Greandstream Gateways and ATA

Fax Settings for Grandstream ATAs and Gateways

Description This article describes the recommended fax settings for Grandstream Gateways and ATAs. The suggested parameters may not apply to all environment setups. Recommendations Click Update and Apply, followed by a reboot. Troubleshooting and Logs On the Advanced Setting tab, please configure: – Syslog Server: IP of the PC with Wireshark  – Syslog Level: Extra DEBUG  – Send SIP Log: yes – Save and … Read more

Beep Sound Issue with Grandstream ATA HT8XX

Description When making outbound calls, the users may hear a ‘beep’ sound before ringing back or a call is established via HT8XX. Cause The ‘beep sound’ is part of the call waiting caller ID alert signal. The ‘Broadsoft’ feature requires the device to update “connected line ID” to the analog phone, upon receiving 180 Ringing. … Read more

Grandstream FXS Gateway ATA Port Limitations – Short/Long Haul Ring Load

Frequently Asked Questions What is the maximum number of devices that can daisy chain out of single FXS port on a Grandstream ATA? It depends on the REN usage. For example, the HT801 supports up to 5 REN, so if an analog phone uses 2 REN, then you can connect up to 2 phones with HT801. Usually, analog phones … Read more