Configure Remote PMS Wakeup Call in Grandstream IP PBX UC

Grandstream UCM on how to Configure Remote PMS Wakeup Call

Description A wake-up call refers to a service provided by hotels or accommodations to wake up guests at a specific time as per their request. It is a feature commonly found in hospitality management software or PMS (Property Management System) platforms. Wake-up calls are often used by guests who have early morning commitments or need … Read more

Grandstream Wave iOS Crash Application Log

Description Grandstream Wave is a softphone application that allows users to make and receive phone calls over the internet using a computer, smartphone, and web browsers. This article describes the troubleshooting steps when the application crashes on iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads). 1. Go to iPhone > Settings > Wave > Disable Contacts. … Read more

HA Configuration Network Topology in Grandstream IP PBX UCM

Network Topology HA in switch mode Grandstream IP PBX UCM

Description Starting 1.0.23.x, Grandstream IP PBX UCM supports High Availability (HA) in Route mode. This article describes an example network diagram of HA in Route and Switch mode. HA in Route Mode The full user guide can be found under HA Configuration Using “Route” Mode section. The steps describe the topology below: HA in Switch … Read more

Grandstream IP PBX UCM Data Partition is Full

Grandstream IP PBX UCM Full Data Partition

Description This article describes the best practices to free up the data partition in Grandstream IP PBX UCM to avoid abnormal behaviors such as call drops, delays, and slow performance. The UCM62XX or UCM6510 series has a config partition of only 200MB while the UCM630X series has a 500MB config partition. The data partition is … Read more

Grandstream IP PBX UCM API Demo Tool

Grandstream UCM API Demo Tool

Description Grandstream IP PBX UCM6XXX supports a CDR API interface to interact with third-party external billing software and collect recording details files from the PBX. The API uses HTTPS to request the CDR data and call recording data matching given parameters as configured on the third-party application, as well as a new API interface to … Read more

Grandstream IP PBX UCM’s Common Issues with SIP Trunks in India

Grandstream IP PBX UCM's Common Issues with SIP Trunks in India

Description In India, there are several telecom service providers that offer SIP trunking services to businesses and organizations. This article describes call establishment issues with Grandstream IP PBX UCM and SIP Trunks in India and suggested settings to resolve them. Case 1: Call drop due to 422 Session Interval too Small (BSNL) Figure 1: UCM’s … Read more

Grandstream Wave Mobile Application – Account Registration Failed

Grandstream Wave Mobile Account Registration Failed

Description When Grandstream IP PBX UCM63XX is used in remote work without Remote Connect service (UCMRC), there are certain network settings required to allow Grandstream Wave Mobile application login via UCM’s Public IP addresses; otherwise, you will get login errors such as ‘Account Registration Failed’ or ‘Unable to connect to the server’. Configure the ports … Read more

Grandstream UCM6510 and HA100 connection sample diagram


Description The Grandstream HA100 is a high availability IP PBX solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It allows for the creation of a redundant system with two Grandstream PBX UCM6510 that can automatically switch over to a secondary system in case of a primary system failure. It also supports automatic failover for SIP trunks … Read more