No Ringback Tone when making outbound calls with Grandstream IP PBX UCM63XX

No Ring Back Tone when making outbound calls with Grandstream IP PBX UCM63XX

Description No ‘ringback tone’ issue on outbound calls occurs when the PBX or UCM receives 183 Session Progress (with SDP) first and then 180 Ringing later from the SIP Service Provider (ITSP). It would be a 183 Session Progress message to play the ‘Early Media’ on the caller’s phone. Also, missing SDP in 183 Session … Read more

Grandstream IP PBX UCM – Completion Request / Busy Camp-On

Grandstream Call Completion Busy Camp on

Description This article illustrates the scenario when the caller requests Call Completion when called party is busy with Grandstream IP PBX UCM6XXX. You may refer to the complete guide here. By default, when the Call Waiting feature is disabled at the Extensions and IP Phones, the Call Completion request works only on unanswered or timeout … Read more

Username and Password are required for LDAP Phonebook with UCM630X

Description Previously the Username and Password fields can be left blank if the UCM62XX or UCM6510 act as LDAP server that allows anonymous binds. This does not apply to UCM630X in the latest firmware. Without entering the Username and Password, the UCM630X LDAP search will fail on the phone. How-to Navigate to the phone’s Web … Read more

‘Answered Calls’ are shown under ‘No Answer’ in Grandstream IP PBX UCM6XXX’s CDR

Description When filtering a ‘No Answer’ CDR report, the list shows ‘Answered Calls’ on the CDR page of Grandstream IP PBX UCM6XXX. Explanation This is the designed behavior. When the sub-entry or call legs meet the Filter conditions (either No Answer or Answered), it will be pre-viewed as the first entry in the CDR results.