Unable to call out External Numbers in Scheduled Meeting in Grandstream IP PBX

Invite External Numbers in Schedules Meeting

Issue Grandstream IP PBX UCM does not call the invitees with external numbers, but it works with extensions during the scheduled meeting. How to UCM calls out using the Meeting Room Number during the scheduled meeting. Make sure that you enter the _x. or _meeting_room_number under Outbound Routes > Source Caller ID Pattern

Do we have a way to pass through DODs between Two Grandstream IP PBX UCMs?

Grandstream DOD and DID TATA Trunks

Scenario/Test Steps 1. ISP (TATA) VoIP trunk has 100 DIDs and DODs. Configure the SIP Register trunk in UCM A. The SIP Trunk number (pilot number) is 68010200. 2. UCM A and UCM B are connected via Peer Trunk. Keep Trunk CID, Keep Original CID, and Caller ID disabled in Peer Trunks. 3. UCM B has … Read more

Understanding PPI mode: DOD Number when Call Forward to External Number

Description This article explains P-Preferred-Identity (PPI) Header in UCM’s INVITE message when UCM forwards the call from the extension to an external or mobile number. Test Steps Configure a VoIP Trunk Go to Advanced Setting and enable Send PPI Header and set PPI Mode to ‘DOD Number’ Configure DOD number: ddd9955 and DOD Name: DDD9955 at … Read more

Forward Original Caller ID in Grandstream IP PBX UCM

Grandstream Forward Original Caller ID

Description Call forward makes the remote working solutions more efficient and ensures continuity of business operation. This article describes the settings required to allow the forwarding of the original Caller ID of external numbers in Grandstream IP PBX UCM. 1. Make sure that the UCM has the latest firmware version 2. Make sure the following settings … Read more

Common Analog Trunk issues in Grandstream UCM63XX/62XX/6510


Description This article describes common Analog or PSTN trunk issues that happen in Grandstream PBX UCM63XX/62XX/6510. A list of suggestions is stated to deal with different scenarios in the customer’s setup. Issue 1: Noise or Echo Issue 2: Caller ID not showing or Undetected 0000 Issue 3: FXO port status is not reflected correctly in … Read more

Grandstream UCMs Peering with Least Cost Routing

Least Cost Routing Grandstream UCM

Scenario I have two UCM62XXs at two locations with different extension number ranges:Location A: UCM6204 (extension range 1000) Location B: UCM6204 (extension range 2000). There is a VoIP Trunk connected in UCM A. Is it possible to make outbound calls from UCM B through UCM A’s VoIP Trunk and vice versa? How-to Inbound call The Service Provider has given the … Read more

Grandstream IP PBX UCM’s Outbound Routes Dial Plan Pattern for Australia

Outbound Route Dial Plan UCM

Description This article describes the sample of the Outbound Routes Dial Plan for Australia in Grandstream UCM. Outbound Route Dial Plan Pattern Local _XXXXXXXX (this allows you to dial a local number like 9411 0000) Mobile _04XXXXXXXX (this allows you to dial a mobile number like 0413 431 000) National _[2-9]XXXXXXXXX (this allows you to … Read more

How do I connect two SIP Trunks to Grandstream UCM?

Description In some countries, the providers of SIP trunks deliver a private IP for the routing of calls on their SIP trunks, in these cases, it is necessary to manage static routes to redirect outgoing calls on their private network or interface. In dual-mode, the UCM6XXX is able to handle a different network per individual port and a … Read more