Ports Required for H.323 Video Call in Grandstream GVC32XX

H.323 Ports for GVC32XX

Description This article describes the list of ports required for H.323 video calls in Grandstream Conferencing GVC32XX. 389 statique – TCP ILS Registration (LDAP)   1503 statique – TCP T120   1718 statique – TCP Gatekeeper Discovery   1719 statique – UDP Gatekeeper RAS   1720 statique – TCP H323 Call Setup   1731 statique – TCP Audio Call Control   … Read more

Grandstream IPVT10 – The MCU Resource is unavailable, please try again later.

IPVT10 MCU resource is unavailable

Description This article describes the error when creating and joining a meeting via IPVT10: ‘The MCU resource is unavailable, please try again later.’ warning pops up. Possible causes a. Verify if the license applied is valid under Advanced Settings > License Management b. Go to System Information and identify if there is an error message. … Read more

What is the difference between Grandstream GVC3220 (US) and GVC3220 (World)?

Description This article describes the difference between Grandstream GVC3220 (US) and GVC3220 (World). The Wi-Fi channels are different between GVC3220 (US) and GVC3220 (World) models. Some Wi-Fi channels in the US conflict with the Radar channels, and they cannot be used in the US region. GVC3220 (US) can only use the Wi-Fi channels below:2.4G: 1 … Read more

Compatibility between Zoom App and Grandstream GVC3200 and GVC3202

Grandstream GVC320X and Zoom Compatibility

Description This article describes the compatibility between Zoom app and GVC3200 and GVC3202. Grandstream has not done any official interoperability tests between the Zoom app and GVC320X video conferencing devices. GVC320X is running on Android 4.4.2 while the Zoom app requires Android 5.0 and above. Although you are able to install the Zoom application onto … Read more

How to recover Grandstream GVC32XX Android Video Conferencing

how to recover Grandstream GVC32XX Android Video Conferencing

Description This article describes the steps to recover the Grandstream video conferencing unit (GVC32XX series) that is unable to boot up properly or stuck at booting up with the logo. Steps 1. Unplug GVC32XX from the power adapter 2. Copy the firmware files (.bin file) to the root directory of an SD card; otherwise, Android … Read more

FAQs on Grandstream Video Conferencing GVC3220 and GMD1208

Description This page describes the common questions or issues regarding the Grandstream Video Conferencing product GVC3220 and extension microphone GMD1208. We will be updating the contents from time to time. Questions 1. Does GVC3220 work in China? We understand that SIP will work, but what about IPVT and other third-party web-based applications such as Zoom, … Read more