Common Issues and Troubleshooting with GWN76XX Access Points

Grandstream Access Point position


This guide summarises the common issue and troubleshooting methods listed in the official guide.

Weak Signal 1. Increase APs for better coverage
2. Increase Radio Power
3. Lower Channel Bandwidth (20MHz)
4. Stay close with the AP, get RSSI < 40dBm, and do the speed test.
5. Select 2.4GHz as it penetrates through hard objects better than 5GHz
(due to objects)
1. Remove objects
2. Change locations, avoid mounting near electronic devices
3. Select 5GHz as a priority
(due to WiFi Transmissions)
1. Run Wifi Analyzer to find out if the neighboring APs using the same channel
2. Reduce AP’s transmission power (Tx Power)
3. Lower Channel Bandwidth
4. Set Channel Selection to Auto
5. Disable Short Guard Interval
Congestion1. Enable Band Steering
2. Increase APs
3. Reduce Clients
Low Download Speed1. Disable Legacy Protocols in AP
2. Configure Upload/Download Limit
3. Change the Country/Region in AP

The More You Know

HT20 (High Throughput 20) is better for large coverage/complex environment/long distances.
HT40 (of 2.4GHz) is vulnerable except relatively clean environment.
Max speed relates with many aspects, such as client devices, interference, test methods, etc.
The users may also compare the Wifi results & performance with other APs' brand models.

What is RRM?
RRM is feature that adjusts the channels automatically based on the neighboring radio frequency environment, this will help to avoid channel interferences and increase the performance.

What is 20MHz/40MHz?
20MHz/40MHz activate the coexistence of 20 and 40MHz. This allows the access point to automatically switch between 20 and 40MHz.

Two preliminary recommendations:
1. Decrease the radio signal power to Low 
2. Enable Minimum RSSI and set it to -70dBm throughout the coverage area.

1. If the router's ethernet interface is only 1Gbps, the max. test value is close to 940-970Mbps. 
2. When you are doing the scan test, please close the 'signal scanning' software which will affect the test results. 
3. When the laptop is close to the AP, you can use 'custom' Radio Power (for eg. 13 - 16dBm) 
4. Change the angle of the laptop to optimize the test speed results.

Rogue AP
Rogue AP feature may cause periodic scanning and affect the stability of Wifi connection.

GWN.Cloud updates data every 5mins.

All access points (APs) are set up in an open space, please use a :
- 40MHz bandwidth and configured with channels 36, 44, 149, and 157
- 20Mhz bandwidth and configured with 36/40/44/48/149/153/157/161/165
The wider the channel spacing, the better. 
Adjacent APs utilize different channels. 

Why am I unable to scan new SSIDs?
Currently, APs only support 5 SSIDs when the Mesh and the same VLAN are enabled.
Make sure that the Mesh feature is disabled under the Wifi settings in GWN.Cloud.

Useful Tools

IxChariot, HFS, iPerf, TFTPd64, inSSIDer

The video above shows how we run the download speed test with GWN76XX AP using Ixia


Try to Select Country India or US 
a. SSID > Configurations > Wifi Settings>>Advanced > Convert IP multicast to unicast 
b. Access Points > Configuration > Allow Legacy Devices(802.11b) 
c. Disable: Airtime Fairness, Band Steering 
d. Radio Power: High 
e. SSID Band: 2.4Ghz 
f. Use channel 1,6,11

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