Configure Remote PMS Wakeup Call in Grandstream IP PBX UC

Grandstream UCM on how to Configure Remote PMS Wakeup Call


A wake-up call refers to a service provided by hotels or accommodations to wake up guests at a specific time as per their request. It is a feature commonly found in hospitality management software or PMS (Property Management System) platforms.

Wake-up calls are often used by guests who have early morning commitments or need a reminder to wake up for various reasons. The PMS allows the hotel staff to schedule and manage these wake-up calls efficiently.

This article describes the steps on how to delete the remote PMS wakeup calls in the Grandstream IP PBX UCM6XXX series.


1. Create ext. 1000 and 1001

2. At ext. 1000 > Features > PMS Remote Wakeup Whitelist > select 1001 > Save.

3. Go to Room Status > check-in Room 1000

4. Create a Wakeup call for Room 1000

5. From ext. 1001, dial *37, you are expected to hear :
> Please enter the room number ‘1000’
> Press 4 to disable
> Set Success

6. Go to the Wakeup Service tab > verify ‘ACTION STATUS’ shows as ‘Cancelled’

7. Verify if ext.1000 still gets any Wakeup Call