Configuring GXP1628 MPK’s Speed Dial via Grandstream UCM Zero Config


Mass provisioning 100 units of GXP1628’s MPK setting via Grandstream UCM’s Zero Config



1. Go to UCM’s Web UI > Value Added Feature > Zero Config > Discover GXP1628 phone > Edit > MPK Setting > select Speed Dial > enter your description and value > click Save and Update.

2. Click Advanced Settings tab to preview your settings.

3. Go back to Zero Config page, verify if the changes take effect by the CREATE CONFIG‘s date/time update


4. Login to the phone web interface, navigate to MPK setting to find out if the Speed Dial settings are pushed to the phone

5. If the changes are not applied via Zero Config, go to the phone’s Maintenance tab > Upgrade and Provisioning > Config Server Path > verify if it is filled with the UCM provisioning URL.