Debugging logs required for Grandstream GWN76XX Access Point Issues

Debugging logs required for Grandstream GWN Access Point Issues


This article describes the required information to capture for various issues in Grandstream GWN76XX access points before submitting a helpdesk ticket. This helps the product support and development teams to understand and resolve the issue more quickly and efficiently.

1. Description of the issue (required)

Clearly describe the issue you are facing with the access point. Include details such as when the issue started, how often it occurs, and any error messages that you may have received. Please list the test steps to replicate the issue, the timestamp (for eg: 12:25 PM, April 12th, 2023), whether the issue can be reproduced 100%.

2. Access point model (required)

Provide the model number of the access point that is experiencing the issue.

3. Firmware version (required)

Provide the firmware version of the access point. It can be found in the web interface or

4. Network topology (required)

Provide a description or image of the network topology, including the number of access points, switches, and routers that are connected.

5. Images (required)

  • Access point positions and placement at the site
  • Floor plan or room layout
  • Position of client devices and access points during roaming
  • Speed test result (for speed issue)
  • Heatmap (if using GWN.Cloud)

6. Troubleshooting steps taken (required)

Provide a description of the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far to resolve the issue.

7. GWN.Cloud username and password (if any)

8. Syslogs (required)

Enable Syslog at DEBUG level at the Access Points’ UI > System > Maintenance when you reproduce the errors.