Do we have a way to pass through DODs between Two Grandstream IP PBX UCMs?

Grandstream DOD and DID TATA Trunks

Scenario/Test Steps

1. ISP (TATA) VoIP trunk has 100 DIDs and DODs. Configure the SIP Register trunk in UCM A. The SIP Trunk number (pilot number) is 68010200.

2. UCM A and UCM B are connected via Peer Trunk. Keep Trunk CID, Keep Original CID, and Caller ID disabled in Peer Trunks.

3. UCM B has ext. 1000. Ext. 1000’s DOD is 0068010201

4. When UCM B’s ext. 1000 makes a call to a mobile number via UCM A (TATA trunk), the mobile device shows 0068010200 (pilot number).


Figure 1: How do we show UCM B ext. 1000’s DOD when he is dialing out via UCM A’s SIP Trunk?

a. At UCM A > VoIP (TATA) Register Trunk:

– enable Keep Original CID
– disable Keep Trunk CID

b. UCM A > Inbound Route (Peer Trunk) > disable ‘Set CallerID Info’

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