Does the GXV3500 decoder work with third-party IP Cameras?

Background Issue

We are connecting Hikvision camera DS2XM6726GO-IS/ND with GXV3500 decoder. However, we are getting blank or sometimes white screens on the DVR. What should I do?


GXV3500 is designed primarily to support Grandstream SIP Cameras. We do not guarantee compatibility with other vendors’ cameras. This is because of the different implementations of the H.264 codec by different brands. There will be zero or limited support and development resources for this product.


1. Only H.264 is supported. GXV3500 does not decode the MJPEG stream  
2. Only support D1 or VGA max. resolution (bandwidth less than 1Mbps). Therefore if the remote side is Grandstream HD or FHD camera, it cannot be displayed to TV output due to analog limitations.  
3. The maximum decoding resolution is 704×576, 704×480, and 640×480.  
4. For most Grandstream HD/FHD IP cameras, GXV3500 will only decode the second data stream, it can NOT decode resolution more than D1 or VGA (640×480), because of the limitation of analog interface output. 

Try these if you are using 3rd party IP Cameras

a. Verify whether GXV3500 can decode them using VLC Media Player. If it does not, GXV3500 will not work with them. 

b. Try With NTSC rather than PAL. 

c. Reduce Frame Rate, Quality, Max Bit Rate, and Frame Interval: to 2 or 3 

d. Adjust your IP Camera’s audio codecs to G.711 

e. Adjust GXV3500 Stream to 2 or 3 to see if it helps.

f. Reduce decoding resolution to 320 x 240

g. Test with different cables

h. SIP Cameras must support Onvif 2.2 and H.264 video codec 
If the camera uses Onvif 2.2+, it does not work with GXV3500

i. If the camera offers different stream profiles, see if a BASELINE option can be applied instead of MAIN.

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