Factory Reset IP Phones via SSH commands


factory reset IP Phones SSH


Besides resetting the phone via Web UI or reset pin on the device, you can also factory reset the phone via SSH command.


Step 1: Enable SSH under the phone’s Web UI > Maintenance > Security Setting > Save and Apply.

Figure 1: Enable SSH option under the IP Phones’ Web Interface.

Step 2: Download and install Putty on your PC. Enter the phone’s IP address under the Session tab of the application.

Figure 2: Run the Putty application from your laptop to access SSH connection with the IP Phones

Step 3: Enter the IP Phone‘s admin password. Type ‘reset’ and key in the reset mode (for DP75X) in the console. You may type help for the list of supported commands.

Figure 3: Enter ‘help‘ for a list of SSH commands

Here are the “config” commands: 

set name variable Set a P-value (leave out the “P”) 
set ip dhcp Set WAN to DHCP mode 
set ip address Set WAN IP address 
set netmask mask Set WAN network mask 
set gw address Set WAN gateway address 
set mac address Set WAN MAC address 
get name Get a P-value (leave out the “P”) 
get ip Get WAN IP address 
get netmask Get WAN netmask 
get gw Get WAN default gateway 
unset name Unset a P-value (leave out the “P”) 
commit Write changes to flash memory 
cfg_update Apply changes 
help Show a list of available commands 
exit Leave “config” mode 
Here are the “upgrade” commands: 
set TFTP Sets upgrade mode to TFTP 
set HTTP Sets upgrade mode to HTTP 
set HTTPS Sets upgrade mode to HTTPS 
set URL server Set upgrade server URL to “server” 
commit Write any changes made by above commands to flash memory 
upgrade Perform an upgrade using selected mode 
help Show a list of available commands 
exit Leave the “upgrade” submenu