Grandstream FXS Gateway ATA Port Limitations – Short/Long Haul Ring Load

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum number of devices that can daisy chain out of single FXS port on a Grandstream ATA?

It depends on the REN usage. For example, the HT801 supports up to 5 REN, so if an analog phone uses 2 REN, then you can connect up to 2 phones with HT801. Usually, analog phones use anywhere from 0.5 to 2 REN, so it just depends on the models being connected.

Figure 1: HT801 and HT802’s specifications

2. In the GXW42XX’s datasheets, it states that it supports “2 REN, up to 6000ft on 24 AWG wire”. Is this a one-way or loop measurement?

It is a one-way measurement – 6000 feet (1.8km) is the distance of RJ11 Cable between GXW42XX and REN Board.

Figure 2: Deployment Scenario of GXW4200 series Gateway

3.  Can we connect all phones with the FXS ports at a distance of 6000 feet?

Yes, you can connect all 24 or 48 analog phones to the GXW42XX FXS gateway at a distance of up to 6000 feet (1.8288 km) using a minimum 24 AWG wire.

4. Grandstream IP PBX UCM models support up to 1km over a 24 AWG line.

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