FAQs on Grandstream Video Conferencing GVC3220 and GMD1208


This page describes the common questions or issues regarding the Grandstream Video Conferencing product GVC3220 and extension microphone GMD1208. We will be updating the contents from time to time.


1. Does GVC3220 work in China? We understand that SIP will work, but what about IPVT and other third-party web-based applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams? And AFAIK, It seems like they are not able to access Google Play in China. Do you have any idea how can they download these apps in China to GVC3220? Or if they managed to get the APK files to install these apps, is it legal to make the calls through IPVT, Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet?

Yes, users can use GVC3220 in China and users can also use the 3rd party applications in China. However, they may not be fully compatible with some functions in the 3rd party applications. For example, users can log in to the Google Meet app in GVC3220 successfully, but they may not be able to call other users through the app. Also, GVC3220 users in China cannot access to Google Play Store unless users deploy a VPN network in the GVC3220 device. In short, if the user wants to use the full functions of 3rd party applications, it is recommended to configure VPN in the GVC3220 for users in China.

2. When the users are making calls through Zoom/ Google Meet/ Teams etc (third-party web-based applications), they would like to press a mute button from the remote control to mute. But upon pressing mute, it shows as DND.

This is a known issue since the developers have not added improvements for 3rd party apps in this test scenario. The device will detect that if there is a call in progress, the user can press the mute button to mute the call. However, if the call is ongoing in the 3rd party app, the GVC3220 will not regard it as an ongoing call so that the user will see the DND icon. This can be a feature request in the GVC3220.

3. Is it possible to simultaneously mute both cascaded GMD1208 when either one of the GMD1208 has mute pressed?

Yes, the 2 GMD1208 devices can be muted simultaneously for SIP and IPVT calls. However, it does not work on 3rd-party applications.