Firewall Rules in Granstream GWN 76XX Access Points

Configuring Firewall Rules in Grandstream GWN 76XX Access Points


This article describes how to configure Firewall Outbound or Inbound Rules in Grandstream GWN76XX Access Points to permit or deny traffic based on SSID.

When creating firewall rules, make sure that you do not include the protocol in the Domain Name field. For eg. instead of

Figure 1 Do not include the protocol in the Domain Name field when creating Firewall Rules under Security settings

The More You Know

  1. You may not be able to block or allow the entire application on the AP’s Firewall Rules. You have to add the subdomains used by the app to the rules. After applying this, for eg. if the Facebook account is already logged in, the users will be able to browse the homepage, but he can’t proceed to the next pages by clicking on anything. 
  2. If the users logged in to the account after connecting to the SSID, most of the contents will not be displayed and they can’t proceed if they click on anything.
  3. To find out the subdomains of a domain or application, you can refer to this link
  4. The maximum rules supported in GWN.Cloud is 63 including default Allow ALL.
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