Grandstream GBX20 Extension Module Firmware Upgrade Failure

Grandstream GBX20 Firmware Upgrade


This article describes the troubleshooting steps to workaround the upgrade failure in the Grandstream GBX20 Extension module version By default, the GBX20 firmware is upgraded by direct network download through the host phone (for eg GXV3350 or GRP2615)’s network connection and GXV3350’s firmware upgrade setup. Make sure you set on the GRP2615 Web UI > Maintenance > Upgrade > Firmware Server Path, then GBX20 will automatically detect and update the firmware.

If GBX20 fails to complete the firmware upgrade:

1. Use a local server to upgrade to the latest version.

2. If step 1 does not work, downgrade GRP261x to this test version

We had a known issue between version to in GBX20. GBX20 may not attempt to upgrade after connecting to the GRP phones.

3. If GBX20 still does not upgrade from the local IP server with GRP261X’s test build, please press and hold the “HOLD” key and “RIGHT” key together. It will try to reconnect to GBX20 and force it to upgrade again.

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