Grandstream GRP260X: Does IP Call need a SIP account?

Grandstream GRP260X direct IP Calls


This article describes how IP calls work in Grandstream GRP260X. According to the developers, a SIP account is required to register onto phones in order to run the SIP stack for the IP calls. The receiving endpoints need to disable the Use Random Ports option. The default SIP Port for IP calls is 5060.


  1. Enable at least one SIP Account by checking the “Active Account” parameter without registering a SIP server
  2. Enable Direct IP Call under Phone Settings > Call Settings
  3. Disable the Use Random Ports option under Phone Settings > General Settings
  4. Account > SIP Settings > SIP Transport is matched between 2 IP Phones. Direct IP call is not supported with TCP/TLS in WP8XX
  5. Long press the ‘1’ button for 3 seconds
  6. You may see a ‘Direct IP Call enabled’ message on the screen, if not, just enter the receiving endpoint’s IP address to perform IP calls
  7. Set NO to these parameters: – Validate Incoming SIP Message
    – Check SIP User ID for incoming INVITE
    – Authenticate incoming INVITE
    – Allow Incoming SIP Messages from SIP Proxy Only

Syslog Messages

Figure 1 shows the Syslog messages at DEBUG levels when running direct IP call from the GRP2604P

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  1. Hi Dear,
    Thanks for the useful informations you are sharing on this website,
    I want just to add to this topic, of direct IP calls, that you can make Direct IP calls just by enabling your account and disabling the random ports option, and there is no need to register an account, also you can add that to make a call to the receiving endpoint’s second account (second Line) you need to specify the following transport port 5062.

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