Grandstream GRP260X freezes and how to fix it

Issue Description

GRP260X freezes and is not responsive occasionally, even after firmware upgrade and factory reset.


GRP260X that are manufactured before March 2021 may experience this freezing issue. It is caused by the CPU loader that does not upgrade. This can be fixed by uploading the test build followed by an SSH command. After loading the test build to the phones, they can be upgraded to any official firmware versions.

Steps to recover

a. Enable SSH under System Settings > Security Settings > Web/SSH Access

Figure 1: Enable SSH access under the Security Setting

b. Download and perform firmware upgrade to the phone

c. After the upgrading to, download and install¬†Putty¬†on your Windows PC. Enter the GRP260X’s IP address at the Session tab and log in as admin. Verify if the phone has the correct test build version.

d.Enter the command ddrchange_393 and then wait for the restart.

Figure 2: By using Putty, enter the command ddrchange_393 to force update the loader.

e. Monitor if the phone still freezes.

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