Grandstream GWN Access Point Deployment Guide – Mounting, Placement & Position


The placement of an access point can significantly affect its performance and coverage area. Here are some general guidelines for access point placement:

  1. Place the access point in a central location: This can help ensure that the coverage area is evenly distributed and reduces the likelihood of dead spots.
  2. Avoid placing the access point near metal objects, walls, or large furniture: These objects can interfere with the wireless signal and reduce coverage area.
  3. Place the access point at a high location: This can help to increase the coverage area as the signal can travel further when it is not obstructed by walls or other objects.
  4. Consider the number of users: If you have a large number of users, you may need to place multiple access points to ensure adequate coverage.

This deployment guide will be useful in designing your wireless network architecture.


Grandstream Access Point position
Figure 1 Avoid having the access point faced down during the test
Figure 2 Grandstream Outdoor Access Point position. It is not recommended to deploy outdoor AP for indoor use.
Figure 3 Avoid electronic devices, wall mounting and metal objects when installing access points