Grandstream GWN700x series router shows 0bps in Download/Upload speed

Grandstream GWN routers Download and Upload Speed Rate showing 0bps


This article describes the behavior of Grandstream GWN700x series routers always showing zero Upload or Download Speed for the Client devices.

When the Hardware Acceleration is enabled under Network Settings > Network Acceleration, the offload packets from the CPU are not counted

The packet will be offloaded only if:

a. It is the first packet of the stream

b. or the stream is lower than 20pps (packets per second)

Therefore, you may find the Download/Upload speed always shows as 0bps in GWN700x routers.

Understanding Dashboard

Overview > Client Speed summarises the average rate of network statistics every 5 minutes, the throughput is relatively lower. Use the iperf3 command to check the speed and set the streaming time to > 5 minutes for eg. iperf3 -c x.x.x.x -t 600 -P 10

Network Traffic (ALL WAN Ports) shows the upload and download throughput in real-time.