Grandstream GXW450X – Missing Caller ID

Missing CallerID GXW450X Grandstream


This article describes the issue of missing Caller ID when a call is made out from the PRI trunk to the SIP trunk via Grandstream GXW450X.


E1 -- GXW4502 -- SIP Trunk (voipsyd06)

A GXW450X is connected with a VoIP Trunk and an analog PABX on E1. When the analog PABX makes an outbound call, it does not include the Caller ID in the SIP INVITE messages and sends it to the SIP Server. How do we configure it to allow the Caller ID to show?

Figure 1 shows that CallerID is not included in the SIP INVITE sent from Grandstream GXW4502.

How to

Kindly enable the option “Set CallerID Info” on the Inbound Rule of the PRI trunk.

When there is no “Set CallerID Info” on the inbound route, the caller number will not be set on the inbound calls; and there will be a missing “Caller ID” on the outbound calls via the SIP trunk.

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