Grandstream IP PBX UCM API Demo Tool

Grandstream UCM API Demo Tool


Grandstream IP PBX UCM6XXX supports a CDR API interface to interact with third-party external billing software and collect recording details files from the PBX. The API uses HTTPS to request the CDR data and call recording data matching given parameters as configured on the third-party application, as well as a new API interface to query, edit PBX settings, and implement multiple call functions on another server connected to it via API. PMS API is supported to offer hotel management action events with the UCM62xx, UCM6510 & UCM63xx/A via HTTPS API (or HTTP only in UCM62xx/UCM6510).

This article describes the API demo tool used to run predefined API commands with UCM. This API-demo.exe runs on the Windows platform only.

Grandstream IPPBX_UCM PMS API Request with API Demo tool
Figure 1: Grandstream IP PBX UCM PMS API Request to update the Room Status using the API Demo tool.