Grandstream UCM6510 and HA100 Physical Network Diagram Example



The Grandstream HA100 is a high availability IP PBX solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It allows for the creation of a redundant system with two Grandstream PBX UCM6510 that can automatically switch over to a secondary system in case of a primary system failure. It also supports automatic failover for SIP trunks and analog/digital telephone lines, and includes features such as voicemail, call routing, and IVR.

This article shows the connection diagram of two Grandstream UCM6510 and HA100

Figure 1. T1 E1 Crossover Cable Color code
Figure 2. T1 E1 Crossover Cable usage
Figure 3 Cable connections between 2 UCM6510s and HA100 at front panel
Figure 4 Cable connections between 2 UCM6510s and HA100 at the back panel