Grandstream Wave Mobile Application – Account Registration Failed

Grandstream Wave Mobile Account Registration Failed


When Grandstream IP PBX UCM63XX is used in remote work without Remote Connect service (UCMRC), there are certain network settings required to allow Grandstream Wave Mobile application login via UCM’s Public IP addresses; otherwise, you will get login errors such as ‘Account Registration Failed’ or ‘Unable to connect to the server’.

Configure the ports for Wave applications in the router

Make sure that the UCM ports below are forwarded to your routers to allow communications between Wave applications and UCM.

SIP Ports: 5060 – 5061 (TLS)

RTP ports: 10000 – 20000

Wave application port: 8090

UCM BFCP: 50000 – 65535

Figure 1 shows the port forwarding in the GWN7000 router’s Firewall setting.

Disable SIP ALG in the router

SIP Helper or SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway) must be disabled in the router or firewall setting.

Configure STUN / TURN server in UCM

STUN / TURN server is required under RTP Settings. You may set or for testing purposes.

Figure 2 STUN or TURN Servers are required for Wave applications.

We have seen registration failure with the UCMRC plan in Wave Mobile (iOS or Android). It is found that the user has uploaded an invalid certificate to the UCM under PBX settings > HTTP server > Certificate Settings. To prevent the login failure issue with Wave Mobile, reset the Certificates.

 Reset Certificates to prevent the Account Registration Failed error in Wave Mobile
Figure 4: Reset Certificates to prevent the Account Registration Failed error in Wave Mobile


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