How does the Firmware Upgrade work in Grandstream devices

Grandstream Firmware Upgrade


This article describes the firmware upgrade settings in Grandstream devices and how to analyze the Syslog when it fails.

General Settings

Go to the gateway or phone’s UI > Maintenance tab > Upgrade and Provisioning, and make sure that:

  • Allow DHCP Option 43 and Option 66 to Override Server: NO (DHCP Option 66 instructs the phone to get it’s configuration from a different server.)
  • Allow DHCP Option 120 to Override SIP Server: NO
  • 3CX Auto Provision: NO
Figure 1: Upgrade and Provisioning setting page in Grandstream devices Web UI

Firmware File

If you choose the upgrade the phones locally (via Web UI or local server), make sure that the firmware file is in fw.bin format.

Figure 2: Grandstream firmware file has fw.bin format

SSH Method

Alternatively, you can try upgrading via SSH with the following commands:

  1. Kindly refer to the Figure 3 of the firmware upgrade guide 
  2. On a Windows PC, open the Command Line prompt and type ssh admin@<YOUR_DEVICE_IP>
Figure 3: Open the Command Line prompt and type ssh admin@<YOUR_DEVICE_IP>
  1. Enter the password
  • Type “config” → enter
  • Type “set 192 <Your_local_HTTPServer_IP>” → enter
  • Type “commit” → enter
Figure 4: Configure HFS Server IP as Firmware Server
  • Type “exit” → enter
  • Type “upgrade” → enter
  • Type “upgrade” → enter (again)
  • Type “Y” → enter
Figure 5: type ‘help’ to list the supported commands in the phones. You may check the download progress status from the HFS server application.


a. Capture the Syslog during Firmware Upgrade

Follow this guide to learn how to capture Syslog from the Grandstream devices.

b. Analysis

Export the Syslog from Wireshark into .txt format. You may analyze it using Notepad++

A successful firmware upgrade has the following messages in the Syslog:

Figure 3: Syslog messages show that the phone is running the firmware upgrade.
Figure 7: You may use these keywords as filters when analyzing the firmware upgrade issue

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