How to Enable SFTP Data Sync in Grandstream UCM with MAC OS

MAC OS SFTP Grandstream UCM Data Syncing


This article describes the configuration steps on how to enable SFTP Data Sync in Grandstream IP PBX UCM with MAC OS.

Step 1: Follow this guide to enable SFTP and allow File Sharing in your Macbook

Step 2 Navigate to UCM’s Web UI > Maintenance > Backup > Data Sync and enter SFTP’s Administrator username, password, SFTP Server Address and Port, and Destination Folder. Click ‘Test Connection’ to verify the settings. You will be able to see the connection status under Data Sync Log or from the message pop-up.

SFTP Test Connection

Step 3 Click Synchronize All Data to pull the previous UCM data. Navigate to the SFTP’s Destination Folder to view the data. The format is

Figure 3 UCM data are synced in the SFTP’s Destination Folder.


If you experience SFTP Connection Failed error, please run Ethernet Capture under UCM’s Web UI > Maintenance > Network Troubleshooting. Open the pcap file using the Wireshark application and filter the traffic with SMB2 protocol.

Figure 4 Filter with ‘SMB2’ when analyzing the packets in the Wireshark application.

*NOTE: UCM’s SSH is not open to users, it is recommended to use SMB protocol for data synchronization.

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