Known Issues with Wave Lite application

Grandstream Wave Lite Known Issue


This article describes the known issues with the Grandstream Wave Lite application. There will be limited or zero development resources for this application.

Known Issues

1. IPv6

Wave Lite Android/iOS application does not support IPv6-only networks under some mobile networks (e.g. T-Mobile), the registration will fail under the IPv6 network.

2. Run in Background

For some specific models (e.g. Samsung, Xiaomi), Wave Lite users will lose registration and the application cannot receive notifications when the application is running in the background. If the user enables the “Run in Background” option in the iOS version, this feature only works with UCM servers, but not other 3rd party PBXs. Additionally, when the application is running in the background, some users report that the application consumes too much battery in the device.

3. Crash

Wave Lite Android application may cause crash issues in certain device models.

4. Does not work on 4G/5G Cellular Network after switching from Wifi network

We have seen a registration failure issue when the user switches from Wifi to 4G/5G cellular network. This is a known bug in Wave Lite. Users may use Zoiper Softphone app as an alternative.

5. Grandstream Wave

Grandstream Wave (the new GS Wave application) does not fully replace the Wave Lite application since it is only compatible with UCM63XX, but not with other 3rd party PBXs.

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