Public RADIUS Server Authentication with Grandstream GWN Access Points (Internal Splash Page)

Public Radius Server Grandstream GWN AP


This article describes how to set up the captive portal feature on the GWN76XX series using Public RADIUS authentication by idBlender. This is useful when you do not have the environment to install a separate server for testing and troubleshooting purposes.


  1. Go here to create an Wifi username and password
Figure 1: Create a Wifi user

2. Click ‘Test credentials’ to find out the RADIUS Server secret and Authentication Method.

Figure 2: RADIUS server authentication parameters

3. Click Test authentication to view the Stdout results

4. Next, we go to GWN AP’s Captive Portal to fill up the required fields: RADIUS Server Address and port, RADIUS Server Secret and Authentication Method

Figure 4: Fill up the Basic Captive Portal settings in Access Points

Figure 5: the Public RADIUS server IP and port

5. Click to connect with the ‘radius’ SSID. Enter the Wifi username and password as created in Step 1 in the portal

Figure 6: Enter the Wifi username and password to log in

6. When the authentication is successful, it will redirect to the External Page URL address as configured.

Figure 7 Users are redirected to the External Page URL after the successful login.

External Splash Page Flow

The figure below shows the connection diagram when configuring the External Splash Page in the Captive Portal API

Figure 8 At step 6, the RADIUS Server generates a Wi-Fi username and password, and it redirects the users to AP’s portal with the URL below: