Recap of APAC Virtual Reseller Event August 2021 – Q&A

1. What are the Facility Management Solution provided by Grandstream?

Our facility management solutions include our GDS series door phones, GSC350x series SIP speakers, GSC361x ip surveillance cameras, and GSC3570 control panel.

2.What bell systems is the GSC range compatible with for Class Bells?
For this particular case study, the schools used our GSC3510 SIP speaker as a digital class bell. The bell rings are scheduled through the UCM’s scheduled paging feature.

3. Have we integrated our UCM with any PMS or HMS which is one of the requirement of hotels?

We currently have native integration for Mitel, HSC and hMobile PMS systems. hMobile can also be used as a middleware to communicate with other popular PMS systems.

4. Do you have any hospitality billing software integration feature with UCM?

We currently do not have a native billing solution, however, some of our partners may have a solution for you.

5. In UCM6300, do you have an API to make a new call and send pre-recorded audio file to?

Yes, we do have APIs available for those actions

6. Is call control possible over the same API?

Yes, call control is available through the API.

7. How about API to set Holiday?

The API does not have the ability to set holidays, but we do have Inbound Route Multiple Mode that will allow you to switch to a secondary IVR quickly and easily

8. Is 6200 Series is going to End of Life?

We do not currently have any plans to EOL the UCM62XX.

9. Does UCM6300 Audio series support Video Codec?

The UCM6300 Audio Series is able to pass video between endpoints, it just doesn’t have the video conferencing features.

10. Does GS has any plans of coming out with a single powerfull APP for IOS/ANDROID platform to support UCM6200,6300 series and so on?

Going forward, we plan on continued improvement of the Wave Mobile App for the UCM63xx. Wave-Lite will continue to exist as an open SIP mobile app.

11. Is the chat feature only applying to the Grandstream ecosystem or it can be integrated with any 3rd party chat solution?

The chat feature is only applicable to the UCM’s

12. Can you share desktop screen and allow desktop control using wave app in a conference?

We have tested and delivered the customer, the Wave app can do share screen, but no desktop control.

13. Does the Wave app on Adroid or IOS require a public IP at the server end?

No, it does not require a public IP on the server end.

14. The GRPs have given me a lot of grief. The EDRC feature has put a lot of heat on me in front of customers causing poor audio quality.

We’ve added the ability to enable/disable EDRC on the GRP’s as of firmware ,

15. I don’t see HA option in GWN Manager yet. How do we achieve that?

You can use the built-in HA features of CentOs or RHEL where you install the GWN.Manager software. The HA is not a feature of GWN.Manager itself, but rather an implementation of your servers. GWN.Manager saves/writes the configs to the database and flat files. You can use something like rsync to syncronize those files

16. For directional antenna for outdoor – does Grandstream have it? If not, where can we get that?

We do not manufacture directional antenna at the moment, but you can use any third party antenna that uses a SMA connector.

17. Do you have any further plan for GRP2624 & 2634 without Wifi?

Unfortunately, there is no plan for a non-wifi version of GRP2624 and GRP2634.

Also, there are GigE on GRP2604, GRP2614 and above.