SFP Modules for Grandstream Network Layer 2+ Managed Switches GWN780X(P) Series

SFP Module Grandstream Network Switches


SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) is a type of transceiver used in networking to connect a device, such as a router or switch, to a network. It is a small, hot-swappable module that sits inside a device and allows it to connect to different types of networks, such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or SONET.

The table below shows the list of SFP modules tested with Grandstream Layer 2+ managed network switches GWN780X(P) Series

HuaweiSM1GSFP-GE-LX-SM13101310nm 10km LC
HuaweiSM1GS-SFP-GE-LH40-SM13101310nm 40 km LC
HuaweiSM1GS-SFP-GE-LH40-SM15501550nm 40km LC
HuaweiSM1GS-SFP-GE-LH80-SM15501550nm 80km LC
HuaweiSM1.25GOSG040N021310nm 40km LC
HuaweiSM1.25GMXPD-243S1310nm 10km LC
HuaweiMM1.25GeSFP-GE-SX-MM850850nm 0.55km LC
H3CSM1GSFP-GE-LX-SM1310-D1310nm 10km LC
H3CMM1GSFP-GE-SX-MM850-D850nm 0.55km LC
TP-LinkSM1.25GTL-SM312LS-20KM1310nm 20km LC
TP-LinkMM1.25GTL-SM311LM850nm 0.55km LC
SamzheMM1.25GXSZ-MMQS1310nm 0.55km LC
CiscoSM1GGLC-SX-MM850nm 0.55km LC
ZTESM1.25GSM-10KM-1310-1.25G-C1310nm 10km LC
FiberhomeSM1.25GFH-5512L-CD401550nm 40km LC
RuijieMM1.25GGE-SFP-SX MM850850nm 0.55km LC
Samzhe1GSZ-QGE0.1km RJ45
1GZK-GE-TX0.1km RJ45
Huigu1GHG-SFP-T0.1km RJ45
Huawei1GSFP-1000BASE-T-RJ45-100m0.1km RJ45
Grandstream Router Switch SFP Modules
Figure 1 shows the Grandstream Router Switch SFP Modules
Figure 2 shows the updated list of SFP modules tested with Grandstream switches (updated on Feb 2024)


1. Why can SFP Modules support 4 ports but RJ45 can support just 2 ports at the same speed?

This is because the RJ45 module generates much more heat than fiber optic, if we plug 4 x RJ45 modules, they will stop working due to the high heat, this is why we limit RJ45-10 modules to 2.

2. What does it mean by “RJ45-10G modules must be interval inserted”?

It means these 2 RJ45-10G modules cannot be plugged one close to another, but you need to leave at least 1 port in between un-plugged for heat sink purposes, you can plug the 2 RJ45-10G at ports 1 and 3, or 2 and 4, or 1 and 4.

3. If I plug RJ45-10G modules at ports 1 and 3, can I plug SFP modules at ports 2 and 4?

It is not recommended as we need the port gap for heat sink purposes.

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