Speed Test and Band Utilization in Grandstream GWN76XX Access Points

Run Speed Test with Grandstream Access Point


Running speed tests with access points is important to find out the download and upload speed of the wireless network. It helps to evaluate and optimize the placement or position of the access point and ensure that the wireless network is able to provide adequate coverage and performance. This article describes simple methods for conducting speed tests.

Method 1: TFTPD


Figure 1. Equipment Requirement for Speed Test
  • GWN76XX access point with the latest firmware version
  • a PC/server installed with an HFS HTTP server and TFTPD64 for DHCP
  • a laptop with a wireless 802.11ac NIC
  • 1000BASE-TX Network Switch

Test Steps

  1. Connect the GWN76XX access point and the PC with the same switch (in a closed network)
  2. Set a DHCP scope (same subnet) for the AP and the laptop (Wifi client) from the PC’s TFTPD64.
  3. Upload a large file to the HFS HTTP server.
  4. Connect a laptop to a 5GHz SSID broadcasted by the access point
  5. Open a browser and enter the HFS IP from the laptop
  6. The laptop starts downloading the file and observes the speed rate (you may download the sample test report here.)

Method 2: Command

On Windows, open a command prompt and enter the commands below : 
netsh wlan show interfaces 

Figure 2 shows Receive Rate and Transmit Rate of the Wifi Interface in the Windows

If you have the iPerf utility, enter the command below:
iperf -c x.x.x.x -t100 -i1 -P20 (“20” can be adjusted according to your environment)

Wifi Speed Test iPerf Grandstream GWN Access Point
Figure 3 Wifi Speed Test using iPerf with Grandstream GWN Access Point

Method 3: GWN Menu

  1. Disable ‘Airtime Fairness’ under AP’s Configuration.
  2. Disable other Wifi settings that are unused in GWN.Cloud
  3. SSH/Telnet access to the access point and enter the administrator’s password
  4. On the GWN menu, enter ‘9’ [Maintenance] followed by ’99 [Band Utilization]
  5. Connect to the SSID, and identify the client’s RSSI and Link Rate under the Clients tab
  6. It is suggested to select Channel Width: 20MHz and custom channel.
Figure 4 On the GWN menu, enter ‘9’ [Maintenance] followed by ’99 [Band Utilization]
Figure 5 shows the transmit and receive rate of the connected wireless client
RSSI Link Rate of Grandstream GWN Access Point Client
Figure 6 RSSI Link Rate of Grandstream GWN Access Point Client

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