Delays in Receiving Inbound Calls (Analog/VoIP Trunk)

Description The users experience 10 – 20s delays when receiving inbound calls, either through Analog or VoIP trunk. Outbound and internal calls (between extensions) work as expected. The More You Know Please ensure that the CallĀ ControlĀ option under the Value-added Features > API Configuration page is disabled. When this option is enabled, the UCM will wait … Read more

Grandstream FXS Gateway ATA Port Limitations – Short/Long Haul Ring Load

Frequently Asked Questions What is the maximum number of devices that can daisy chain out of single FXS port on a Grandstream ATA? It depends on the REN usage. For example, the HT801 supports up to 5 REN, so if an analog phone uses 2 REN, then you can connect up to 2 phones with HT801. Usually, analog phones … Read more