Grandstream GWN700x series router shows 0bps in Download/Upload speed

Grandstream GWN routers Download and Upload Speed Rate showing 0bps

Description This article describes the behavior of Grandstream GWN700x series routers always showing zero Upload or Download Speed for the Client devices. When the Hardware Acceleration is enabled under Network Settings > Network Acceleration, the offload packets from the CPU are not counted The packet will be offloaded only if: a. It is the first … Read more

Steps to upload bix firmware to GWN78XX switches via U-Boot

Grandstream GWN7806P firmware upgrade via U-Boot

Description Local or network upgrades may fail if the Grandstream GWN7806P and GWN781X network switches have not updated their U-Boot and CFG. This issue usually happens in devices loaded with earlier versions when the firmware file size is more than 13 MB. The guide below describes the steps to load bix firmware file to the … Read more

Troubleshooting LAN Speed Issue with Grandstream GWN70XX Router

Troubleshooting Speed Issue with Grandstream GWN70XX Router

Description This article describes the troubleshooting steps and debug logs required when facing low-speed issues with Grandstream GWN70XX series routers’ LAN ports. Troubleshooting 1.Set up a simple network topology, and connect the PC’s LAN to one of the router’s LAN ports. [Broadband modem] = [Router] = [PC] 2.Determine the negotiated rate and Link Speed of … Read more

Default Ports in Grandstream Networking GWN Access Points, Routers, and Switches


Description This article describes the usage of the default ports in Grandstream Networking GWN76XX access points, GWN70XX routers, and GWN78XX network switches. Wifi Access Points Ports Description 22 SSH 67 DHCP 53 DNS 5353 MDNS 80 or 443 LLMNR 8080 or 8443 Web Portal 9443 Vouchers Authentication 14 or 10014 GWN Manager 223 Mesh 224 … Read more

Firewall Rules in Granstream GWN 76XX Access Points

Configuring Firewall Rules in Grandstream GWN 76XX Access Points

Description This article describes how to configure Firewall Outbound or Inbound Rules in Grandstream GWN76XX Access Points to permit or deny traffic based on SSID. When creating firewall rules, make sure that you do not include the protocol in the Domain Name field. For eg. instead of The More You Know You may … Read more