Phones are stuck at ‘Recovery Incomplete’

Recovery Incomplete Grandstream IP Phones GXP1625

Description This article describes the steps to troubleshoot the Grandstream IP Phones that are stuck at ‘Recovery Incomplete’ or ‘Firmware Initialising’ upon boot up. This is commonly found in GXP16XX series IP Phones – GXP1610, GXP1620, GXP1625, GXP1628 and GXP1630. Cause The error is caused by power failure or disruption during a firmware upgrade or … Read more

Grandstream UCMs Peering with Least Cost Routing

Least Cost Routing Grandstream UCM

Scenario I have two UCM62XXs at two locations with different extension number ranges:Location A: UCM6204 (extension range 1000) Location B: UCM6204 (extension range 2000). There is a VoIP Trunk connected in UCM A. Is it possible to make outbound calls from UCM B through UCM A’s VoIP Trunk and vice versa? How-to Inbound call The Service Provider has given the … Read more

Beep Sound Issue with Grandstream ATA HT8XX

Description When making outbound calls, the users may hear a ‘beep’ sound before ringing back or a call is established via HT8XX. Cause The ‘beep sound’ is part of the call waiting caller ID alert signal. The ‘Broadsoft’ feature requires the device to update “connected line ID” to the analog phone, upon receiving 180 Ringing. … Read more

Username and Password are required for LDAP Phonebook with UCM630X

Description Previously the Username and Password fields can be left blank if the UCM62XX or UCM6510 act as LDAP server that allows anonymous binds. This does not apply to UCM630X in the latest firmware. Without entering the Username and Password, the UCM630X LDAP search will fail on the phone. How-to Navigate to the phone Web … Read more

What does the UCM Remote Connect session mean?

Description The UCM Remote Connect Datasheet states that the Remote Connect Beta plan supports up to 36 concurrent sessions. A Remote Connect session is referred to as: calls from an endpoint or trunk registered via the Remote Connect address. Each call between the trunks is counted as a session.  In a peer trunk setting where … Read more

How do I connect two SIP Trunks to Grandstream UCM?

Description In some countries, the providers of SIP trunks deliver a private IP for the routing of calls on their SIP trunks, in these cases, it is necessary to manage static routes to redirect outgoing calls on their private network or interface. In dual-mode, the UCM6XXX is able to handle a different network per individual port and a … Read more

How to Configure Self-Defined Time Zone in Grandstream Phones

Description You may find the phone’s admin guide a little confusing when it comes to Self-Defined Time Zone setting under Date and Time Setting. This article shows you the steps to complete How to a. Navigate to the phone‘s web interface > Setting > Preferences > Date and Time b. Time zone: select Self-Defined Time … Read more

How to resolve ‘No dial plan rules matched’​?

Issue description Most of the time when you try to make a call via a Feature Code (for eg. *20*), you will see a message pop up ‘No dial plan rules matched’ on the phone, causing the call failure. Troubleshooting This is because the dial plan entries are not defined to allow # and * … Read more

Error “LAN Port disconnected. Please connect LAN port to discover again.” in UCM’s Zero Config

Issue Zero Config that is unable to auto-detect different subnets. Error “LAN port is disconnected. Please connect LAN port to discover again” pops up each time running the scan Scenario or System InfoSystem Info: UCM6510 Range: UCM IP: GAC2500: Troubleshooting steps– UCM62XX is able to ping GAC2500 – GAC2500 is able to access … Read more