‘Unknown’ Caller ID issue in Grandstream ATA HT813

Grandstream HT813 Unknown CallerID


This article suggests the settings for resolving the common issue – Unknown Caller ID in Grandstream ATA HT813. These parameters can be found under the FXO Port Page.

1. Adjust the Number of Rings from 1 to 4

2. Configure Caller ID Transport Type to Relay via P-Asserted-Identity if it is unable to detect inbound calls.

3. Test with all Caller ID Scheme

4. Toggle AC termination model to Auto-detect. The default is the U.S.A.

5. Increase FSK Caller ID Minimum RX Level, save and apply followed by a reboot

6. Configure PSTN Ring Timeout (sec) to 10 (inbound call detection)

7. Configure PSTN Ring Thru Delay (sec) to 10.

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