Username and Password are required for LDAP Phonebook with UCM630X


Previously the Username and Password fields can be left blank if the UCM62XX or UCM6510 act as LDAP server that allows anonymous binds. This does not apply to UCM630X in the latest firmware. Without entering the Username and Password, the UCM630X LDAP search will fail on the phone.


Figure 1: By default, Root DN is set to cn=admin in UCM LDAP Server Configurations

Navigate to the phone’s Web UI > Contacts > LDAP > configure User Name: cn=admin,dc=pbx,dc=com and Password: LDAP’s Root Password > Save and Apply.

Figure 2: Configure LDAP User Name and Password under the phone web interface. Adjust the Max. Hits entries to allow more contacts to load on the phone.

Verify the saved changes by pressing the Phonebook button and performing a contacts search.

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