Understanding Call Waiting Flow

Description The Call Waiting feature allows the users to answer another call while they are already on an active call. Settings The Call Waiting feature can be configured at the IP Phones. Go to Settings > Call Features Disable Call-Waiting During an active call and you receive a second call, the second caller will get … Read more

GWN7660 Deployment scenario, Performance, Antenna Data Sheet and Radiation Pattern

Description: This article describes the test bed setup and testing results of GWN7660. The maximum wireless performance is tested under high SNR, it means that it must meet requirement such as: a. A good wireless environment where there are no other interference signals b. AP must be close to STA (client devices), and STA have … Read more

Configuring WP820 templates with 3CX

grandstream 3CX FXS templates

Description As WP820 is not listed as the supported phone model by 3CX, you are unable to add the phone’s XML file or direct ‘Phone Provisioning’ it through the management console. The article shows the alternative ways to register WP820 with 3CX manually. (Note: Hosted 3CX does not support this custom FXS file) Steps: a. … Read more

How to create UCM62XX’s backup config file with UCM63XX

To do create UCM62XX‘s backup config file with UCM63XX, please follow the steps below:

a. Create a config backup from the UCM62XX, attach the file as compressed to a support ticket. (If you are migrating from UCM6208 to UCM6304, remove the Analog configurations when you create the backup file)

b. Provide your UCM63XX’s SSH access

Navigate UCM63xx Web > System Settings > Security > SSH Access tab > Enable SSH Access: Check > Save & Apply.

c. Provide the UCM63XX’s public IP and login credentials of the super admin account

Our developers will check and attempt to create a compatible backup for UCM63XX.

If you have a firewall, please whitelist these IPs: , &


You can convert the configuration file of UCM62xx/UCM65xx to the configuration file of UCM63xx via GDMS portal. Login into your GDMS account, nagivate to UCM Backup and upload the configuration to perform the conversion.

Figure 1: Nagivate to UCM Backup and upload the configuration to perform the conversion.

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Recap of APAC Virtual Reseller Event August 2021 – Q&A

1. What are the Facility Management Solution provided by Grandstream? Our facility management solutions include our GDS series door phones, GSC350x series SIP speakers, GSC361x ip surveillance cameras, and GSC3570 control panel. 2.What bell systems is the GSC range compatible with for Class Bells? For this particular case study, the schools used our GSC3510 SIP … Read more

How to search and display Grandstream UCM’s LDAP contact name on the phones

Scenario: If you are using Grandstream UCM as LDAP Server, you may find that that the contact names are not showing on the phones when you dial out, or on the incoming calls. There are some settings not covered in the LDAP Config guide. At the UCM Go to UCM Web UI > System Setting … Read more